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Ben Stafford – Open Arms

If you’re a fan of bands like Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, or The Head And The Heart, then Ben Stafford is for you. Full of intricate guitar work, debut single, ‘Open Arms’ is as soft as the approach you would take to apologise for the argument the song revolves around but my personal favourite aspect is the way the cello effortlessly glides in and out. The entrance and exit of the cello is one so discrete that it’s takes a second for you to realise it has either disappeared or come back,  just beautifully cradling the whole song.

ben stafford 1

In Stafford’s own words, “[Open Arms] is about those nights in relationships, where you fight, or argue, and you wish it never happened, and all you want to do is hug and make up, because the love of those two people will always be bigger than any row or argument.”

‘Open Arms’ will be available to stream on all platforms from May 8th.

ben stafford 2

Article by Niamh Pillinger

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