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Black Hearts Prophets Co (a clothing brand with a difference.)

“BHPCO is an independent streetwear brand inspired by Skate and BMX culture and the lifestyle, music and art that go alongside.
Through taking dark influences and incorporating these to produce the freshest of designs.
The Prophets have risen from the ashes of forgotten Cambridge skate-parks to create a community of people who have a shared passion for extreme sports, slick art , the heaviest music and partying hard.”
We caught up with Swanzahh the mastermind behind the brand.
“It’s called BHPCO but we call it BHP as CO just stands for Company.
The letters stand for Black Heart Prophets Co. The name comes from Bar Hill Skatepark which is where the company began, we used to tag BHP all over it, the park was then destroyed by the council a few years ago and we decided we didn’t want to let it die.
Bar Hill skatepark was where the brand was born and where we spent all of our time so we wanted to keep that alive through the brand we just changed what the letters stood for as we didn’t want to take that away from the locals.”
BHP has not just stayed locally to Cambridgeshire, it has created unique opportunities for the team.
“We have travelled all over the UK, doing multiple festivals, tattoo conventions and pop up shops. I’d say all of those a pretty exciting, especially for us. Tattoo conventions are definitely the most exciting for us though. So many people are interested in the brand and being surrounded by some big names in the tattoo game it’s such a buzz. We always leave tattoo cons with big smiles on our faces.”
Dan Swanzahh is a tattoo artist that specialises in quirky characters and drawings that show his edgy flair.
“Coming up with the designs are pretty easy, I’m a tattoo artist so a lot of the T-shirt designs are just tattoo designs that I’ve made that we all agree would look rad on a T-shirt, it is pretty hard to get us all to agree on a design though, you should see how many get chucked out.”
The designs have become well known and worn like a uniform for musicians under the  Sabotage Audio Collective.
“It wasn’t really an idea to collaborate the designs with Sabotage it was something that was always going to happen, Sabotage is kind of like BHP’s little brother. It’s all part of the same movement, the same vision and run by the same people trying to achieve the same goal. So it was inevitable.”
What does the future hold?
Check out dannyblackhearttattoo  on Instagram.
Click HERE to see the latest from BHPCO.

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