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Wolfpeake – Broke

I think it’s always easy with up-and-coming bands to compare and contrast their sound to that of more established bands in the industry. But with Wolfpeake, that would be a bit of an insult. The North-West four-piece are already equipped with eclectic festival bangers and their newest single ‘Broke’ is no exception.

Armed with a black and white music video probably filmed in one of the lads’ garages (yes clichéd, but isn’t it an initiatory rite for all new rock bands?), the new single starts off with singer Jack’s vocals and lone guitar before kicking off into a real angst headbanger, with Jack’s voice goosebump material throughout.

Analytically, throughout the song I’m waiting for something to hit me, one line to really cut deep but it doesn’t quite get there. Nevertheless, instrumentally and vocally, this song is a certified #tune and I know there will be more to come from these guys.

Ever the optimist but I honestly believe as Wolfpeake grow they will start to stretch deeper to deliver lyrical masterpieces. So, keep an eye out, with the clear lust they have for their art, you wouldn’t want to miss these guys live.

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Words Amy Blyth

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