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Kasador is a band that originates from Canada and perches firmly on the indie rock/ alternative rock / rock pop genres.

Like a lot of groups, they were faced with the re-evaluation of their identity after the departure of a band member.

I hope one of their evaluations concluded that they have a prepossessing talent with both music and lyrics – something that can often be hard to come by on the search for new music.

The instrumental starts off as a slow burner before the kick drum keenly makes an appearance.

The guitar riffs are catchy and the vocalist in this song has the perfect voice for the genre. “This is goodbye but not farewell”, he calls out quietly in the chorus, as well as “With the sense of brood and bloom”.

It is a great comeback single, not too full on but impactful enough to make me search for more songs by them.

The production choices are a compliment to the lyrics, a steady beat, rising and falling riffs and almost haunting background vocals help to create the imagery of taking solace.

This is an alluring piece of music to listen to in a variety of situations, from a long, summer drive to background music. I would definitely see them on tour!

Words Emma Stevens

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