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Manalishi – Zipper Mouth


You may love the distorted guitars, pulsating drumbeats and don’t-give-a-s**t attitude in Zipper Mouths by Manalishi, but your neighbours may not!

Hailing from Manchester, the track finds itself in the patchwork quilt land of punk/grunge/alternative. It’s definitely not a song to forget and altogether is cohesive in its message to people who simply won’t shut up; utilising mettlesome gritty guitars vividly to convey this message.


The song namely comes to an abrupt halt around the 2-minute mark, perhaps as a juxtaposition between the people who can’t shut up and the band who can convey a narrative without overdoing it. The video is equally as captivating; showing puppet-like creatures going through the stages of frustration.

Don’t miss out – listen today!

Click here to listen.

Words Emma Stevens

Photo – Annie Feng

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