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Eunice Keitan – Come Home

Today I want to introduce you to the acoustic-soul singer/songwriter Eunice Keitan who will release her new single “Come Home” on May 20th.

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Eunice is based in Toronto and she has without a doubt one of the most beautiful soul voices I’ve ever heard.

So it’s no wonder that she was nominated for the Toronto Independent Music Award for her latest EP “Where the Road Begins”.

Influenced by Sade, Norah Jones and Joni Mitchell’s to name just a few, she presents pure rhythm and blues with her fantastic voice. The singing seems to come straight from her soul.

Walking in the wrong direction

I thought it would be

Better than Gold

But I’m far away

And so alone

And I need to find home”

Already after the first words of this great song you can feel what it is about: fulfilling wishes that sometimes seem out of reach, to find a possibility to master the small and big challenges of life in this materialistic world.

All of this brings Eunice across sensitively without sounding disillusioned. Rather it is a courage to look ahead.

Let yourself be enchanted by this voice and enjoy.

Eunice Keitan: Music & Lyrics

Kevin Howley: Production

Eunice Keitan: Vocals, acoustic guitar, keys

Kevin Howley: Drum, bass, percussion

Camilo Bustos: Electric guitar

Ernie Toller: Saxophone

Jong Lee: Mixing

Michael Friedman: Mixing, Mastering

Visit her website

Written by Martina Doerner


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