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Dana Gavansky – Yesterday Is Gone

Dana Gavansky is a singer/songwriter currently living in Toronto. She was going to Montreal to attend university and her real plan was to start a career in the film business.

However, she always came back to music and met some local musicians and released her first EP “Spring Demos” in the fall of 2017 via Fox Food Records.

Her first full length LP “Yesterday Is Gone” is going to be released on March 27, 2020 via the canadian indie record label Flemish Eyes.

She says about the album: It’s a reckoning with myself and my attempt to learn to say what I feel and to feel what I say.

An album about stumble, fall hard and get back even stronger.

Captivating moments of a picked guitar, bass, synth and also poppier elements, well placed in each component make Dana’s music so distinctive and her impressive voice and charisma do the rest to make us wait impatiently for the release of her debut album.

To shorten the waiting time the song “Good Instead Of Bad ” is available to stream on your preferred platform now.




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