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Tom Korkidis

There are many artists that manage to successful take what past artists have built upon and create something uniquely their own. This is what Grammy-Award winning Artist Tom Korkidis manages to do in his new EP “Destroyer”.  As I began listening, I found myself pulled into a world full of synths that managed to cling in my head for hours afterwards and it managed to create a zen feeling that stayed around for hours.

I think it is something truly remarkable because it manages to make one feel nostalgic. It reminded me of music you might hear during 70’s-80’s night in your local nightclub when you and your mates were out dancing the night away in University.  Which, let’s face it, is something that we all miss from time to time.

Overall whether you’re a fan of synths, lyrics, dancing the night away, or the emotions the music can evoke,  you should give Korkidis’s record a listen.

So, stop wasting time, hit play, and enjoy the ride that is Slowall.

Click here to listen.

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