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Trapdoor Social – The Move

“The Move” is a song that can only be described as unbounded by a true genre, filled with infectious, panned guitars and memorable, hard-hitting lyrics such as “We can be the problem, or we can solve it”.

This Los Angeles based band are known for producing solar-powered concerts – that’s a brilliant idea, isn’t it? It’s a wonder it isn’t more popular. Not only do they have sustainable, enticing ideas for performing their art, they also appear to have a knack of making it, too.

The captivating introduction of distorted guitars sets the scene up nicely to lead in to the hypnotic lead vocals. The talking point for me, however, is the chorus. It is unexpected, unique, but manages to hit the spot. Although it was difficult to understand at first, it quickly became catchy and memorable, backed with enticing, panned guitars.

Funky bass is prominent throughout as we move on to the second verse. Imperatives such as “See how the tide’s turning” and “We believe in justice” really enhance the group’s overall message of leaving the world better than they found it.



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