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The Strypes are Coming to Preston!

The Strypes are playing a gig at the LiVE Music Venue at The Guild Hall in Preston.  After selling out Preston’s 53 degrees 3 years ago the band are planning a return to the city. They are set to play on the 29th of June, and I got a chance to catch up with them.

The Rhythm and Blues,  Rock and Roll  band members are Ross Farrelly – Lead Vocals/Harmonica , Josh McClorey – Lead Guitar/Vocals, Pete O’Hanlon – Bass Guitar/Harmonica and Evan Walsh – Drums.

“We’ve been together 7 years.”

They have played up North loads of times and expressed their love for smaller venues.“It’s great exposure to play more intimate venues and take a step back” 

The Strypes love the fact that during gigs on a smaller scale they can “see the eyes in the audience.”  They also really enjoy festivals and have currently played 4 places out of their tour so far.  Edinburgh was one of their top crowds. ” The crowd went mental”

Having been in the public eye from a young age and now signed to Virgin EMI records they have got to play in many major cities around the world, some as far away as Tokyo in 2015.

 ” We played Berlin and it was one of our favourite cities.”  

This past year they’ve been preparing for their new album which is out on the 16th of  June, you can pre order this on their website.


They’ve been writing their album in the same room that Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody was recorded with a producer that has worked with Kings of Leon and Paolo Nutini.

I asked what it was like to grow up in the public eye and if they ever felt like rebelling and one of the band responded with ” I don’t give a sh*t about being reckless whilst I’m in the public eye.” It seems they have got used to being so well known and have proved a lot of people wrong by doing so well. They seemed to have a very mature attitude when it comes to performing and living that Rock N Roll life. They don’t want to mess around or jeopardise what they’ve got.

They have supported the Arctic Monkeys in the past and now they’ve got their own tour, even Sir Elton John has credited them for their music. They appear to have a busy schedule and are still continuing to make music. These guys are getting bigger by the day!






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