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Fitzy – singer

I saw Fitzy three separate times at different venues over Preston. The first was briefly at Evanfest, the second was at Summer Survival a student event in the courtyard outside the student bar. The third was at Ships and Giggles, which is also the venue where Evanfest was.

I would have to say that the best time I saw him was at the Summer Survival Event. He was on an outdoor stage and I felt the acoustics of the large open area suited his powerful voice more than the indoor stage at Ships and Giggles.

Fitzy can tend to overpower a room with being very loud, so when I saw him at Ships, I felt he was a little bit over powerful for an open mic night, he sounded like he should have played to a much bigger venue.

He’s a very talented guitarist and I do enjoy his vocal ability. He has a distinct sound that makes him unique.


The one thing that shocks me with him is how he performed the whole Tenacious D song  on his own that takes skill. There’s so many different parts and he basically sang them all to a crowd of students at an outdoor festival. If you are familiar with Tenacious D you will know that Jack Black sings and well it’s a difficult song to pull off.

I thought that he had added his own style to the song. I think that the song Tribute did compliment his voice very well.

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I do not know what genre Fitzy is but he did get the crowd moving and I did enjoy his set. I felt he was a character who had a very interesting personality that was really shown throughout his performances. He engaged with the crowd between sets in all the venues.


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