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Saytr Play @Summer Survival

The band Saytr Play played Summer Survival a student drinking event ran by Source Bar at the University of Central Lancashire.

IMG_0568.jpgMembers Fred Farrell – Vocals, Jamie Vere – Guitar, Daniel Crowther – Bass
and Paul Kershaw – Drums. 

The crowd were all standing outside in the courtyard area that had been gated off for the event. The stage was far left to the entrance of the event in a white marquee.

The band appeared on stage and a few people cheered presumably they were friends of theirs.

They seemed to attract quite a crowd at the start of the set, setlist below.

18471803_10212387688625552_1834659086_oI really enjoyed the strong vocals from Fred he sounded really powerful and he was wearing a very cool shirt. I also enjoyed the added vocals from Dan.

Fred burst on to stage with bounds of energy which really got the crowd smiling and dancing in some cases. The crowd flocked to the front base of the stage.

I thought that the transition between the songs appeared to be very smooth and although the sound was lost slightly due to the large outside venue and the sound system wasn’t quite as loud as I would have hoped for, the band still managed to keep people moving.

I loved the fact the band were upbeat and vibrant however shouty in parts, I liked their style. Fred and Dan were bobbing their heads and the drumming made their songs feel like they had a funk vibe.

A very alternative performance with vocals that sounded like nothing I’d heard before.

I wouldn’t want to put Freds singing style in a category because it doesn’t have one.

My favourite part of the performance was the cover Rebel Rebel by David Bowie.

I thought it was very brave to cover such a classic but it worked really well. It was so refreshing to hear a band play covers and originals from different eras. I think it just adds to the quirkiness of the character of this band.


In terms of their music I think that Saytr Play are very talented, I really think that the drumming is great, I do feel that the guitar and bass sound very good. Fred vocals really are very unusual but it suits the style of the band, I admire the confidence that they have you can tell they aren’t afraid to be different which is how it should be.

If you want to be noticed then it’s always a good idea to emphasise your own personalities and dare to dress a little bit different.

For more information about Saytr Play click here



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