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Dirty Bare Feet. The Headliners!

I have seen them numerous times and every time they remain to be an inspiration not only to the whole venue but the crowd as well.   I honestly am amazed how often their set is not the same, but is still as thrilling as last time. Lew just has such a distinct voice that just hypes the audience more, as for Tommy Techno, he does techno music on a jaws harp it’s unreal.

Photo -Phillip Jones         Singing- Lew

For those who don’t know Dirty Bare Feet is a band from Preston. They play reggae music with a difference. Lew raps, Elliot plays guitar, Jake drums ,Tommy plays different instruments such as trombone and sings and Liam plays Bass.

I did get a little nervous at one point during the performance the photographer was  taking pictures of Tommy and well I thought the trombone was going to hit him in the face.18278108_124677468083316_3785841707585808499_o

Phillip Jones captured this brilliant picture of Tommy playing trombone

It’s pretty mad to see so much talent on one stage. The reaction of the audience as soon as they got up from the audience was incredible. The crowds reaction was ecstatic.

There was a broken bench in the smoking area, but people were still finding a way to dance around it and in some cases on it. I was balanced on the side of the bench and attempting to dance. I found the atmosphere incredible, people were smiling and waving and bobbing their heads and just generally having a great time.

Photos- Phillip Jones -Elliot on vocals and guitar!

I asked the some members of the audience what they thought of the set.

Jack Hastie said “I liked the twist at the end with the techno performance on the jaws harp, I also thought that the brass instruments were refreshing and worked very well.”

Adam stated that Tommy went on stage with a didgeridoo however and I quote

” he didgeree didn’t do that, although they were brilliant.”

In fairness I thought that Tommy would play it, but I guess they were under a time scale and it was very late.


I really enjoy the way that Lew’s rap addressed his audience, he incorporated the words Ships and Giggles in his rap, which makes it unique to the place.

The bass player was a little out of sight from where I was standing, I heard the drummer more than I saw him, but they both really added to the overall sound of the set and complimented the music they create.


Drummer – Jake


Photo- Phillip Jones   Bass-Liam

Click here to view DBF’s Facebook Page

They are going to be playing a range of gigs over the rest of this year, the list is below.

Photo from the Facebook Page!

They also have released a teaser of a new song back in March called “I want you” which you can find on their Facebook page.

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