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EVANFEST Matt Holmes, Adam Williams, Bianca Kinane- Ewart and Tom Wilson

I waited around for these guys to play because I heard good things about them. I decided to see if they were worth it.  They were very quick to set up on the outdoor stage. Matt was on cajon and vocals, Adam was on guitar and vocals and so was Bianca, Tom was on the keyboard.

Picture Phillip Jones – Tom, Bianca & Matt earlier on in the day

I really enjoyed their version of Purple Rain, I thought it was very melodic and was a nice version.  What drew me towards staying outside and listening to them was the cajon, it just complimented them all, very talented to hold out the rhythm to each song. It sounded very well rehearsed.

Adam and Bianca

The crowd were all singing along throughout and they also stood up and danced a bit, they sang “The Way You’re Making Me Feel” by Michael Jackson, this was so upbeat and people were drumming along on the tables it was such a positive environment overall.

I thought Adam on guitar and vocals was very good at keeping the set lively overall and Bianca’s voice projected very well throughout the outside venue.

She was able to hit the notes and you could tell she had a very well trained voice.

Next was a well known Bill Withers song “Ain’t No Sunshine” this began with a very strong guitar and the vocals and keyboard were outstanding throughout.

Adam, Matt and Bianca all on vocals!

They astonished me with a merge of the songs, it was a good mash up the crowd didn’t expect it either as they instantly began to join in.

“Ain’t No Sunshine” then turned in to “Ain’t Nobody Love Me Better”  I thought all in all the performance was full of character and the crowd all reacted positively to the professional sounding set by cheering and dancing.

I really enjoyed seeing these guys live, the only problem I had was the boxing interrupted them half way through as there was a big crowd of people watching on the outside television and they all cheered.

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