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Charlotte Ap – Venice

Singer and songwriter Charlotte Ap has a charming, positive charisma that echoes throughout her songs. This is because of the tone in her singing, it is uplifting and nostalgic.

Charlotte took inspiration from traditional jazz ballads and hints references in her lyrics to Bombay Bicycle Club. This is because she listened to them growing up , this is what gave me a sense of nostalgia.


“I chose the name, Venice, after I quickly found out nothing rhymes with my local city, Exeter.”

The lyrics –

“Dream away the days with a hat and a feather,” is about my friend Cult OF Super Ted, and his wife Ali B, both were Riviera FM DJs. Ted sadly died in 2019, but always wore a top hat, and Ali was wearing feathers the last time I saw her. This is as close to a slow sweet song that I can manage, I think.


The track was showcased at Exeter Cavern at an event for St Petrock’s Homeless charity in 2020.

The single’s artwork was drawn by Charlotte.

The single has a bonus track on it ‘One Fifty One’ takes its name from its length. The lyrics originally started out as a speech.

” I read it out at a Youth Strike For Climate rally, then developed into a poem, after which I tried it over a synth and saxophone backing for the first time when recording and thought that it fitted.”

Charlotte seems to be an influential character in Exeter, writing songs giving tribute to others.

Listen here – https://open.spotify.com/embed/track/0X297OfFzBxDe6QMvuqoPg

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