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Triple Six Steve – Medusa

The track Medusa has a dark undertone injected in to it, don’t let this discourage you.

The video opens with ‘Triple Six Steve‘ sitting in a house with flowery walls covered in nice sketches of rabbits and a red flag to the left of the frame.

This could have a deeper symbolic story, the extreme closeups for him are unnerving yet mesmerising, but the unicorn soft toy offers relief.

If you listen to the lyrics they talk of revolt against the system ‘Sabotage the order’ which is  a clever name drop of the collective Sabotage Audio.

“With the track Medusa I wanted to put it out as a first release so people know how dark and weird the music can get.”

A lot of the stuff I’m looking to put out is funky and dare I say a little more ‘commercially appealing’. But I don’t want everyone to think that is necessarily me or what I am trying to bring across musically.

Triple Six Steve is part of collective Sabotage Audio, as well as trio BleedEasy.


BleedEasy are pushing the boundaries of musical genres, taking influence from the darker side of life and blending it with a passion for heavy basslines. 

“From my own material to BleedEasy stuff and Sabotage in general, we all have a passion for different types of music and each release can take inspiration from our different tastes.”

Sabotage Audio are challenging stereotypes with a different stance of music culture based on their own interpretations.

“The backbone for Sabotage stems from extreme sports, heavy metal and skatepark culture.”


“With this track particularly though, musically ‘Medusa’ pays homage to the darker elements of my inspirations through the lyrics, but then the bass-driven hip-hop instrumentals beneath (produced by Bristol based, but Cambridge born & bred artist, Lijah) represent the street side of the music and the rave culture which bought us all together.”


Article by Musik Magazine

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