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Cambridgeshire based DnB DJ/ Producer ‘RDH‘ has released his unique sound under the music collective Sabotage Audio.

It consists of heavy beats and repetitive vocals that lure you in to a state of trance.

The DnB wobble is an art that takes practice to find the perfect the balance between drum and bass.


RDH could very easily warm up a crowd and expresses his talents by not being a one trick pony DJ but having the ability to produce as well. This gives him the potential to go far.

The brand has reached popularity recently by putting events and being part of bigger events around the community.

The team do not lack enthusiasm and are plugging multiple talented artists throughout the area.

RDH caught our attention on social media and got us hooked with the amount of content he has hidden away.


It’s incredible to see that each artist has their own symbolic artwork which is worn almost like a crest or coat of arms by each member, every one is different.

Check out the amazing merchandise HERE.

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