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Halia Jack (Interview)

Halia Jack is an up and coming artist from London. Her jazz infused melodies are hypnotic and her vocals are enchanting.

Her influences right now are Nile Rodgers, Quincy Jones and Babyface. 


I wondered what influences her when creating such an original sound?


“I usually start with a feeling and go from there. A lot of the time I’ll be mulling something over in my head and it will turn into a lyrical idea. I’m really inspired by the musicians I work with too, I got to collaborate with some awesome producers on this EP.”

Why is Halia Jack making music?
“It’s important for me to have something to put my mental energy into – keeps me out of trouble! When I first started writing it was hard to put my feelings on the line without worrying about what people would think. It took a while to get past that but now I can be bold and unapologetic with my emotions, and I think that’s affected me in every aspect of my life, not just music. I’m really just trying to make music that I want to hear, and hopefully when other people listen to it they’ll be able to relate, and feel good.”
Words Emily Vass

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