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Freddie Future – Like It Never Happened

Are you tired of the same old tunes the radio is smashing out? You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones with too much reverb and autotune that makes you want to pull your hair out. Well, if that is what you are looking for then look no further. I present to you the new single from Canadian Singer Freddie Future (FF) entitled Like It Never Happened.

The track, which starts off fairly slow, begins to speed up rather quickly. From there the track builds a solid beat that piques one’s interest and has your body swaying before the end of the first verse.

A particular line that I enjoy is, ‘‘Did you let it break your heart or did you let it set you free’. This is an amazing lyric that I believe touches on what it is like to grow close to someone only to lose them in the long run.

In my personal opinion, when I hear the line,  I feel as if my heart is being broken by a person that I gave everything for when they were not willing to give it back.

This feeling of having your heartbroken and then staring at the person that you loved and wondering what you ever saw in them is a relatable feeling and the tune does a fine job of emulating it. If you have ever felt like this or enjoy tunes that make you think, then give Freddie Future’s new song a listen.

Words James Maines

Click here to listen.

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