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888- Pins & Needles

Imagine you are dancing in the middle of a club. The lights are beating down on you, the music pulsing, and your body in tune with everyone else’s rhythm.

Then you lock eyes with someone across the dancefloor and the both of you smile. This is the image that plays through my head when I first listened to 888’s newest single Pins & Needles.

The track, which features a mixture of really addicting pop-vocals combined with an upbeat electric sound. I found it to be rather refreshing and after listening to the track all the way through the first time, I found myself sitting on the sofa thinking about past relationships and wondering if any of them were really love.

888’s way of connecting with the audience in a relatable manner is what their music so great.  You should give this track a listen if you are interested in hearing a good story mixed with a personal experience. Who knows, it could change your life .

Click here to watch.

Words James Maines

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