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Macka B & Jeramiah Ferrari at Band On The Wall!

We arrived in to BOTW and were immediately greeted by a sea of dreadlocks and Rastafarianism.  It was incredible to see such a passion and spirituality for the genre of reggae.

We waited for Jeremiah Ferrari, who came on to the stage oozing confidence and met us with a warm sense of enthusiasm for the music.

The songs contained a lot of slow rhythmic drumming, powerful vocals and quirky guitar/ bassy sounds. The northern band gave their own twist on reggae and very quickly  had the audience swaying with them.


The lead singer worked the stage and the audience with his dancing. The only thing that was disheartening about their set is the fact it was over far too quickly.

Next on was Macka B, who is well known for his songs about healthy living, his famous Cucumber song trended on social media for a while.


This was well absorbed by the crowd who were joining in with him and you could tell they were feeling the music from their faces. His band were extremely strong in their deliverance of the performance.

They knew exactly what they were doing and it worked so well and in everyones favour.

This gig was an enthusiastic shower of good will and it so rewarding to see people sharing their love for Veganism, and keeping peaceful.



Click here to listen to Jeremiah Ferrari

Click here to listen to Macka B

Words Emily Vass

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