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Lucy & La Mer- Got That Thing

When one thinks of California, the first thing that comes to mind is probably images of surfers, celebrities, and the warm weather, but it is also full of quality talent in the indie scene and Lucy LaForge(known by her stage persona, Lucy & La Mer) is gaining a lot of attention with her new single ‘Got That Thing’, which is being featured in a worldwide campaign for Dove and preparing for her upcoming tour of the UK & several locations throughout Europe.

The track opens with an upbeat rhythm that automatically lures you into tapping your foot before the performer begins to sing. However, when Lucy opens her mouth, the only thing I found myself listening to the sound of her voice. One other thing I found interesting about ‘Got That Thing’ were the lyrics: ‘What I see is what I get, what they want is what I got’.

This particular verse spoke to me on a personal level and I believe it is relevant in today’s society, especially when it comes to communication, expectation, dating and social media. One of the final things that I found interesting about this piece was that it brought back memories of bubble-gum pop bands of the 90s, which filled me a sense of nostalgia; ultimately leading it to slowly consume my brain for the rest of the day.  Overall, if you are a fan of both pop music and upbeat tunes, then you should definitely give Lucy & La Mer a listen. It will put you in a better mood than you were in before you hit play.


Words James Maines

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