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Slipperface – True Romance

Slipperface are a DIY three piece who describe their sound as “a swash of noise, quiet, loud and melody”. They have just released their debut single titled “True Romance” which has so far received positive feedback. The track feels like a blend of light hearted 90s pop rock gelled with catchy bass tones reminiscent of the 80s with a splash of grungy riffs. At times in the verses similarities can be drawn to bands like Human League due to the style of which the lyrics are vocalised.

Photo credit- Slipperface

The introduction to the track gets your toe tapping ready for the verse to launch with punchy vocals and subtle harmonies. Slipperface provide a dismissive yet playful tune about romance providing memorable lyrics of “True Romance, will never last” that are given a heightened effect due to the harmonised vocals. From a personal stance the latter part of the track is where there is a lift of interest due to an explosion of electric guitar riffs and interchanging guitar parts in between vocals.

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Photo credit- Slipperface

The song is easy to imagine within a playlist when driving due to its sing along opportunities, however feel that it would benefit from a radio edit version as towards the end the chorus becomes a tad repetitive. They are a band hard to categorise due to the mix of sounds they display in “True Romance” although they definitely appear more rock with a touch of indie rather than on the grunge spectrum as their riffs don’t quite match up to heavier bands on the scene right now. They are a band where it would be interesting to see the direction of sound they take for their next track, perhaps a band to whack on your Spotify playlist as a lighter addition to your heavier listening!

Words Kerri Marie Lacey

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