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The Rackets & The New York Tourists @LiVe Music Venue Preston

There were two supporting acts on before Louis Berry.

First on were The Racket.

The Racket 2.jpg
Photographer- Jason Serember

Here’s what lead singer Callum had to say

“Louis Berry’s boss, it’s a bit shit going first because you never know if you’re going to get the crowd, but the queue outside’s looking busy.”

Doors opened at 7.30 and people flocked in to the venue, some surprisingly completely bypassed the bar and went straight for the front of the venue as close to the stage as possible.


The Racket.jpg
The Racket- photography- Jason Serember

Were they die hard fans? Who knows?

I really liked how powerful these guys were they just jumped on stage and just screamed excellence. I loved their accents, with their Liverpudlian twang.

I thought that these guys just had character, I’ve not seen that many green zip up jackets and mod haircuts for a while in Preston.

I thought their music was not an indie cliche but it did have a certain style that I’ve heard before, the only thing that set them apart was the way they carried themselves on stage.

They had great stage presence and the drummer was going nuts at the back. He was very enthusiastic, you could just tell these guys had a strong passion for performing.

The New York Tourists

I asked the band how they felt to be going on tour with Louis Berry.

Lead singer Gary said ” I’m buzzing, the venue booked us and we got put to Louis management team and they liked us, we’ve been a band for 4 years and well we hadn’t heard of him before.”

The band were all dressed very indie, they had patterned tops on, skinny jeans and smart shoes. One was in a denim jacket.

New York Tourists.jpg
New York Tourist- Photographer Jason Serember

I thought they had a good strong build up and an ambient start to the set, they had powerful vocals and I couldn’t help feeling that they were influenced by the likes of Foals and The Hunna.

The guitars sounded funky and the crowd reacted well to it, their lyrics were catchy and they had good diction.

I especially enjoyed the support acts before Louis Berry and I would ideally like to watch these guys blossom in to stars, as cliche as that sounds I truly believe that with passion and determination such as theirs they will one day have their own tour too.

It’s important not to forget the up and coming bands.






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