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SHADER are to release their debut vinyl single “RUNAWAY” on the on Friday the 12th of March.

The single will be released on 7” clear vinyl and all digital platforms.

‘Runaway’ was recorded by Gavin Monaghan (Blinders, Editors ,Sherlocks, The Twang) at Magic Garden Studio and mixed by Joe Murray.

Credit – @asupremeshot

The Manchester based band has four members;

Stu Whiston – Vocals and Guitar

Mike Lo Bosco – Lead Guitar

Daz Edwards – Bass

Tom Turney – Drums

“Runaway is about the anxiety of everyday life, real vs. fake, the upsurge of talentless T.V celebrity culture becoming a legitimate career move and the overwhelming desire to runaway to somewhere with some soul.” Stu’ main writer and lyricist.

We can all agree with that statement !

Shader are signed to 42’s Records who already stock some incredible SHADER merch’.

Check out 42’s Records Official Online Store here – https://42srecords.tmstor.es/

Catch up with the lads on social media –



Have a listen here – https://open.spotify.com/embed/track/5lmFHjas4JLsKAaJz5Czkh

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