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Band Feature alert (Prose)

Prose are a band from Manchester. They have a new debut album called Home of The Brave, you can  access it on iTunes. Their songs each all have their own character behind them. This alternative genre band is made up of three people. Mike Murray, Lee Royle and Dave Stone.

Their music can be found on iTunes and the music video to Home of The Brave can be found on Youtube.

I first heard about them through a friend, and I listened at first to a song called Run With Faith, they have a quirky style that here at EJWV magazine we find inspiring.

EJWV Magazine likes the fact that they sing and rap. One of their songs Mountains is a prime example of that, and it’s also got a really nice tune.

Click here to listen to Mountains

Prose has lots of Social media pages where you can find out all sorts of info and listen to their music, though if you are wanting to have their songs on your phone or iPod you should purchase them from iTunes as it’s the polite thing to do.

Click here for the Facebook page

Click here for the Twitter page

If you’re wanting to find out more about them you should check out the Prose Music page, which has links to their Spotify, photos and lots of other exciting things.

Click here for Prose Official Page

If you’re wanting to listen to their debut album Home of The Brave just click the link below.

Click here for the You Tube music video


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