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Will the closure of music venues leave musicians unemployed?

Government advice on the Covid-19 crisis, leaves musicians in a bit of a dilemma.

Whether you’ve opted to teach music, gig, busk, sell records what are you going to do when people say the words “social distancing?”

You actually can’t leave your house anymore, oh and your favourite music venue you know the one you’ve got residency at, it’s shut.

You must have all cried in disbelief and anxiousness, before you start listing your drum kit on Ebay, or you’re beautiful fender on Amazon. STOP.

Here’s a few ideas you could try to keep that precious income rolling in…

or at least not go out of your mind.

Open communication

Keeping that line of communication open is really important, the majority of your fans will be using social media more than ever, talk directly and daily with your listeners via social media outlets. Talk about your day, offer advice and promise of exclusive content.

Social Media.

Keep your audiences engaged by doing some social media based live gigs, exclusive acoustic sets, or offering online music tutoring/ tips and tricks.

Money Money.

Run your brand remotely via live sets, offer advice and one off live performances for money.

Work on some really unique material the kind of thing that will make you stand out online. Make the people want you.

Think about doing a virtual gig for money, kit out your front room with a big amp and do a performance. Most of us are very alone right now and could do with some new content to watch as Netflix is getting old.


Use you time to research which platforms are any good to do this on, below are a few to check out.

Some even have an option where people have to pay for content, whether they do who knows but that part is up to you to try and create some listeners that may pay.

Periscope, StageIt,TwitchYouNow, You Tube, Facebook Live, Instagram Live.

Try and stay positive , we love you and if anything keep your fans itching to see you in your next gig when this all gets better. Adapt, evolve and improve.

Take you car off Facebook Marketplace you can do this !

For more information about live streaming click HERE.

For even more click HERE.



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