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Evanfest- Kristian Evans Acoustic Set

I went to Evanfest 5 which is a festival at Ships and Giggles in Preston. I was there most of the day and night, I  saw a range of talented artists.

I watched Kris Evans, he played the outdoor set during the afternoon and as he was setting up the crowd were all sat outside enjoying their drinks. There were lots of smiling faces in the audience. I didn’t really know what to expect at first. He sat on a stool and was sound checking and testing the volume on his guitar. I stood and waited for him to start. The stage was centred at the very front of the beer garden surrounded by benches and different seating areas.

Setting up, with a smiling crowd!

The beer garden was filled with a very strong voice, I was pleased to say his first song really got me on my feet. “Come Together”  people began to sing along to him. He hit the higher notes very well.

I then enjoyed listening to him play Skinny Love it was so unique. A rocky acoustic version which is something I haven’t heard before.

The only problem I did have is the amount of chatter there was in the smoking shelter towards the doors, but you can’t help people enjoying themselves.

I found his voice was exceptionally powerful. I felt his eye contact with the audience.

Kris during his performance  of “Hallelujah I Love Her So”

His guitar was very good and the sound then filled the beer garden and travelled well, I saw a few people walking from towards the back nearer the front to get a better view of who was playing. I felt that he was good to carry on throughout the general chatter of the crowd. I thought he brought a very pleasant vibe to the overall setting.

The cover he did of Creep by Radiohead was very good as an acoustic, without all the drums like the original it was good to hear it done in it’s raw form, stripped back with just a guitar and vocals. I think there is something very comforting about seeing live acts. I could really feel his emotion when he was singing to his audience you could tell he was very happy to be performing.  I liked the alternative twist to the dark song, and he even sang the explicit version.

I’m keen to see another performance from him in the future and see what other covers he will add his own style to.

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