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Saff Juno

“I hope that my music can be a comfort to people who may have also been in a place where they find it challenging to give themselves compassion.”

At just nineteen years old Saff grew up in rural Devon. Starting off by playing acoustically, then progressing to a full electric band over lockdown.

She takes inspiration from nature and climate change, something that has been highlighted in her most recent lyrics.

The band’s single ‘Nightmare Nightmare’ released in August, is fast paced with sweet vocals sounding similar to the lead singer of Churches.

We talked to Saff about her inspiration behind the latest single.

“The inspiration behind Nightmare Nightmare was feeling trapped and isolated, mainly due to a toxic relationship but it also relates to lockdown.”

Aspects that help her creative process stem from emotional struggles that happen such as life events like a loss of a friendship or conflict…

“Also happy things I wrote a song on my birthday last year and it makes me feel good every time I play it.”

It’s amazing to hear the variety of musical talent this band express.

Her previous single ‘December Daisies.’ is contrasting with a slower indie, acoustic style which is hauntingly beautiful.

The music industry is a tough place to be, bursting at the seams with talented individuals, technology is either seen as a positive or a negative, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a signed artist you all share a common ground.

I think the expectation for success at a young age is rising, so young bands are shooting to stardom rapidly, especially because of technology and the ability for young people to record/ release music independently without labels. I find it an advantage rather than a hurdle.”

What advice would you give to people starting out?

Keep writing and connect with other local musicians if you can! There’s a lot of support to be found and it’s super motivating to see your friends play venues, and you might get to play them too.”

Saff Juno hopes to connect with some female artists soon.


Check out Saff Juno on Youtube below.


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