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The Red Stains new song is a critique of consumer culture.

The Red Stains are a contemporary post-punk group from Manchester.

The band has four members, Natalie Emslie on vocals, Sterling Kelly on bass, Ella Powell on synths, flute and guitar and Ben Dutton on drums.

They take inspiration from a crazy collage of musical styles, from 70s post punk and experimental new wave to 90s Britpop.

In their new track ‘Freezer Jesus’ they poke fun at consumer culture (which is quite right too consumerism is all around us.)

The video to accompany this track has a gritty, raw hand held camera effect to it.

It starts with the band watching a cardboard television on the wall.

Arty visuals of consumer representations, such as a car for sale, lined up Pageant queens and jabbing of a huge chocolate gateau are only some of the antics that take place in this video.

Fried bits of Barbie fresh out the oven and of course the trusted fridge magnets spelling out nuggets.

This song just makes such a point of drawing our attention to the fact we all just are conditioned to buy, have and need things.

They express this perfectly in these lyrics about local shopping centres,

“The Trafford Centre

it’s open all night

and The Arndale

well it’s always in our sight.”

Musically bang on with thought provoking lyrics, strong vocals and interesting themes throughout.

Check it out below.

What do you think?


Check them out on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/theredstains/

Check them out on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/theredstains/

Support your local artists by using Bandcamp – https://theredstains.bandcamp.com/

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