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Cobolt Collision gig at The Ferret Friday 13th

This alternative rock band is made up of 4 people, those 4 are Ryan Bentley on Bass, Jimi Cheal on guitar, Rob Feakin on drums and on vocals Jessie Kitchen.

The band have just finished recording their album and have an E.P out called Saints and Sinners, which can be found on Spotify.

Two of the band members met at uni and now years later continue to play together, they performed at the Ferret a music venue in Preston last night, and I was lucky enough to attend.  The set was made up of original songs and one cover.

Here is the set list-


The bands intro was so strong. Jessie came in with the vocals even though she was recovering from a sore throat from gigs before she still performed exceptionally.

Rob on Drums was really enthusiastic you could tell that he really enjoyed playing. The guitarist went against what I know and didn’t use a pick, which I thought was awesome!

(Bass) Ryan, Jessie (vocals), Rob (drums), Jimi (Guitar)

When it came to the song Saints and Sinners which is their new E.P title. I was lucky enough to get a free C.D.

Case full of their E.P

Slowly Falling another song by them took me by surprise it was a much slower song and well what struck me most was the brilliant transition between songs, they almost merged in to each other but then you could realise they had changed song. This takes a great amount of talent to do this without it sounding sharp or harsh.

The volume wasn’t too loud either !  Just right and it got heads turning.

The guitar at the end was just so good sounded brilliant.

The next song Wildside was slightly heavier I knew this as Jessie engaged with the audience “we’re going to take this one a little bit heavier.”

This song had a mad guitar solo at the end which really made my jaw drop. I also really liked the way the bassist was bobbing his head to this one.

After a few originals they did a cover , now covers are tricky territory sometimes that can be make or break for a band that does originals.

What made me smile about this was the fact Jessie asked the audience “Ace of Spades?, or Highway to Hell?”

In the end they played Ace of Spades, the way the singer could adapt her voice to the song whilst still being able to make it her own astonished me. She was so confident and brought a lot of character to the stage. I also loved the way the drummer was rocking out and towards the end he even twirled his drumsticks which must have taken a lot of practice?

Taken in the studio

Another song that I really liked was Crazy Game I found it so emotive and the drum solo was insane! I can’t believe anybody can actually do that, that fast. I also liked the fact that Jessie was singing with the Jimi the Guitarist. She was also playing a Tamborine. The fact each song is so diverse is something that sets this band apart from other rock bands, when I asked the drummer what inspires them he stated ” We all have different tastes and that’s something we apply to our music.” I agreed with that if you are all inspired by one artist you become a cover artist. You’ve got to not be afraid to have that individuality.

Crazy Game also had a great climax, the song died right down and it was just vocals and guitar then Jimi shouted hey or something and the song continued louder and heavier than before.

The last song Devil had very passionate vocals and they all had such good eye contact and I even caught people looking through the window.

Cobolt Collision really brought the Ferret to life, they are a talented group of people who really know what they want.  I would recommend seeing them live so you can get a real feel of the music because watching live music really makes you feel a certain way that sometimes listening to a pre recorded track can’t give to you.



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