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Sweeney Astray

Three piece Mike, Katie and Anna form Sweeney Astray who produce and play indie folk infused melodies with a clear passion for working as well as performing within the arts. Their track ‘Silver Rain’ is a simple ensemble laced with emotive lyrics and velvet like guitar parts, where from beginning to end the listener is […]

The Northern Threads

This quite evidently northern band should be as famous as the Stone Roses. I’m aware that’s a very bold statement but they’ve earned it. They appear to be in quite a happy medium between I care and I don’t and it works well for them. A laid back attitude appears to have been injected in […]

SAKYI 4 – I Need You

Since appearing on Britain’s Got Talent in 2015 where Simon Cowell said they have ‘great potential’ they’ve been busy. They’ve released a new song called I Need You and they’ve smashed it already. The song is highly appealing with its laid back RNB vibes. With its slow, gradual melodic tones which only increase in a […]

Amber Suns – Grasp A Part

This band tells a love story all about the ups and downs of romance. The different scenarios throughout the music video show a man who adores his girlfriend, to a man clinging on desperately to a woman he’s gradually losing. It really is a powerful piece of film and it tugs at the heartstrings. The […]

E. Alvin- Mantra

E.Alvin, a minimalism spiked solo singer from Connecticut, is making his own way in his devotion to music. He has created a sphere of synthetic vibrance, which he expresses in his song. Drawing inspiration from filmmaker John Carpenter and POP / experimental-R&B singers such as Broods and Banks. E.Alvin although sometimes compared to these, he still […]

The Covasettes – Wild

Musik Magazine have reviewed The Covasettes before, however we specified they needed to add a few more layers in their song, this time they have considered our feedback and seemed to put their all in to their new track Wild. “Wild” appears to be a slightly more laid back track to the previous “Top Drawer.” […]