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Yvng Nova- RLT, Vol 2

I am gravitated towards the beautiful backing of Yvng Nova’s track. His voice is confident and clear, it’s soothing. It does remind me of an artist called Rationale with the way the track’s drum beats hit right at a certain time to emphasise the lyrics. The rapper has a brilliant lyrical flow, he knows when […]

George Bucks to drop a new track…

George Bucks a rapper from Reading is back and this time with a new track he’s about to drop. With slow introductions, this song has a very laid back vibe to it. The lyrics are clever and seem to be describing a woman, and relating it to a shoe, which sounds mad but it works […]

Indigo Youth @ Odd Frog

Arriving at soundcheck, always an awkward time, all the shuffling about, I sat and ordered a Jack Daniels as you do, then sat and watched as the bands fidgeted about setting up. I got a real feel for the place immediately, a lovely music venue in Barrow in Furness. It’s got long wooden tables, serves posh nachos […]

Caspian Lennox – Brightest Star

Hailing from South London and currently residing in Cornwall, Caspian Lennox is a man of many talents – he’s a composer, songwriter, singer and multi-Instrumentalist musician. His debut single ‘Brightest Star’ oozes imagery to provide storytelling comparative of the style commonly associated with artists such as Nick Cave and Chris Rea. ‘Brightest Star’ is a […]

Amery- You Know

Up and coming Belgian artist, AMERY  sits between modern and classic when conversing through the range of musical mediums he does. Taking inspiration from the likes of Michael Jackson, Steve Wonder and Beyoncé. His vocals are full frontal, emotive and slick, uses Soul and RnB fit for a dance floor. For his latest and more […]

Bizou – Superstition

At first listen, I appeared to have stumbled across a hidden gem in an underground club. I could hear the bassline’s heartbeat despite the crafted layers of instrumentation – you can tell the process of creating this song would have contained depths of collaboration. It is also versatile, in that this song could easily be […]

LX MASON – I don’t

When it comes to musical style, there has been a resurgence of Indie music, but none seem as interesting as dance/electro-pop. One of these new artists is LX MASON. Born and raised in the state of Florida, Mason currently resides in Australia, where he is recording sick tunes such as his single, ‘I Don’t’, a song […]