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Saxsyndrum are something of an anomaly; with their hypnotic genre-melding sound they seem intent on breaking musical barriers, whilst also staying true to the raw catharsis that underlies the philosophy of their music. Their latest album (Release date: 12th April 2019), in their own words “juxtaposes each member’s disparate creative processes to forge a rejuvenating […]

WAYI- Insecure

An excellent blend of modern RnB and Jazz I’m tempted to pigeon-hole as Neo-Soul, but something about the dense production and the way WAYI’s vocals weave around the beat leave me content to dismiss labelling her music altogether. The honest expressions of unfaithful love ride a bass line that is capable of warping your stomach […]

Galaa -Open Eyes

We all know or have known someone with a bit of a stone heart – until you get to know them, and the appearance of a façade is dropped. Then, you find, it can be brilliantly rewarding getting to know them more. That’s what “Open Eyes” by Galaa is about. The subject is instantly relatable, […]

Katey Brooks- In Your Arms

Heavenly, profound and heartfelt. These are the top three words I can only begin to describe Katey Brooks’ “In Your Arms”. The unearthly prowess of vocal abilities is extraordinary. There is a soft, simple strumming pattern to back up the divine lyrics, echoing perhaps even wedding vows. Katey’s memorable voice only enhances the true showstopper […]

Mister Strange

Mister Strange are a beautiful, twisted hybrid of a band, with two releases combining such diverse genres as Krautrock and Psychobilly. Their latest track Elevator Road is a hyper-energetic, darkly psychedelic amphetamine trip down a road where physics no longer exist and there’s no reason why they should. Immediately you are struck by ear-piercing feedback, […]

The Covasettes – Like You

Taking their cues from the alternative/indie revival scene of the early-mid 2000s, the Covasettes are back with their latest effort, a masterfully produced track with fresh melodies, joyful vibrations, sleek and bright soundscapes, and everything else we’ve come to expect from the stylish indie group. They are gaining deserved traction within the scene and this […]

London Jazz Renaissance

An exciting new wave of jazz has emerged from the depths of South London, a wave that has been brewing and forming for a long time, gaining traction through the hard work and dedication of a like-minded community. Many of the key players in the scene have grown up together, and this familial spirit carries […]