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Category: Music Reviews

Emily – Maybelleen

The music video opens with a shot that you could almost picture on an advertisement billboard – the crisp, retro font introducing “Emily” alongside the actor help to evoke feelings of hazy summers. The visual effect on the acoustic guitar is stunning – flitting between images of atmospheres and stars, fitting in well with the […]


Spotted in bars around the Northern Quarter in Manchester, often seen either working or of course, drinking – comes a fresh face to recorded music, RetsuDaGodKing. Or as I know him, Peter Retsu Godwin – a friend of mine released his first of hopefully many album releases in ‎February. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, ‘I […]


Last night I had the opportunity to go check out Flor, the support act for Andrew McMahon and The Wilderness, on The Upside Down Flowers Tour. I went to the show not knowing much about them and left instantly downloading their latest single “get behind this”, and their debut full length album “come out. you’re […]

JANOS – Zero

Fair play JANOS, verified summer vibes from this track. Writing this review at midnight in my cold and dreary Preston flat but picturing a pool party. Contrast to its dreamy disposition, the song describes the frustration of longing to change your circumstances but feeling restricted by the negativity of others around us. ‘I don’t want […]

Wolfpeake – Broke

I think it’s always easy with up-and-coming bands to compare and contrast their sound to that of more established bands in the industry. But with Wolfpeake, that would be a bit of an insult. The North-West four-piece are already equipped with eclectic festival bangers and their newest single ‘Broke’ is no exception. Armed with a […]


Kasador is a band that originates from Canada and perches firmly on the indie rock/ alternative rock / rock pop genres. Like a lot of groups, they were faced with the re-evaluation of their identity after the departure of a band member. I hope one of their evaluations concluded that they have a prepossessing talent […]