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Category: Music Reviews

Bizou – Superstition

At first listen, I appeared to have stumbled across a hidden gem in an underground club. I could hear the bassline’s heartbeat despite the crafted layers of instrumentation – you can tell the process of creating this song would have contained depths of collaboration. It is also versatile, in that this song could easily be […]

LX MASON – I don’t

When it comes to musical style, there has been a resurgence of Indie music, but none seem as interesting as dance/electro-pop. One of these new artists is LX MASON. Born and raised in the state of Florida, Mason currently resides in Australia, where he is recording sick tunes such as his single, ‘I Don’t’, a song […]

REL- Surgery

R E L is a 23yr old singer-songwriter who describes her sound as a genre of which she has created called EVOCA – POP. Her new single entitled ‘Surgery’ is a thought provoking track with a focus on an important and hard hitting topic of self love. More importantly, the track provides insight into overcoming […]

ONUR – Stunnah

Your sexy after hours playlist is looking a little dry – here, take a hit of this. London’s contemporary R&B singer and songwriter, ONUR is unveiling his second single Stunnah. Onur has just the remedy to massage your tense spine and soothe and ruffle the feathers of your next lucky date, ‘Stunnah’. Feel it yet? […]

Brix- Just a Girl

This is such a powerful music video to accompany an empowering cover of a song which is featured in the trailer for The Nutcracker and The Four Realms directed by Ben Tedesco. The first words are a sample of man saying “Of course women must earn less than men, they are  weaker, smaller and less […]

David Shurr – Lonely Skies

The introduction to this song was captivating. The heavy guitar gives the impression of a heavier country style ballad, then the burst in to indie pop sounds which was brilliant. The laid back style reminded me of the indie band Peace and Tame Impala. It’s extremely catchy, and repetitive but in a positive way, it’s […]