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LX Mason – Drink Me Goodbye 

This song concerns itself with the desperate attempts that we as human beings make to forget long-term relationships and their lasting impact. The song is highly relatable, catchy and unlike other songs out there in the charts right now.

I could easily see this artist becoming bigger – his vocals are soothing without being boring and emotional without sounding too harsh. The song lyrics start with “Got a text out of the blue, pics of me and you”, the informal tone echoing a conversation he may have with a friend, which includes the audience in the situation as if they are not an outsider to it.

The genre fits firmly within the electro pop genre, bouncing beats and funky bass encompassing the song. The chorus features “try, try, try, try” and “drink me goodbye” feature heavier instrumentals to become the hook of the song and the part that repeats in your mind long after the song is over.

The music video features themes of the presumed ex-lover of the artist drinking wine and looking heartbroken on a sofa, the artist performing in purple light and the ex-lover in different situations pretending to be fine. It is visually pleasing, it fits the storyline of the song and the artist is definitely a born performer.

Words Emma Stevens


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