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Month: February 2019

London Jazz Renaissance

An exciting new wave of jazz has emerged from the depths of South London, a wave that has been brewing and forming for a long time, gaining traction through the hard work and dedication of a like-minded community. Many of the key players in the scene have grown up together, and this familial spirit carries […]

Tech N9ne @ Gorilla

It was November 2012 when I made the decision to see Hopsin over Tech N9ne because they were performing on the same night. “He’ll be back next year” I thought to myself, here we are seven years later and Tech N9ne finally announces a UK tour. At around 20 quid a ticket it was obvious […]

The Creature Appeal

First things first, these guys should be proud of themselves. If somebody said to me up and coming indie band. I think, I wonder who inspired you this time? Arctic Monkeys again? But oh I was so wrong with my assumptions these guys have more to them than impersonation of the greats. The Creature Appeal […]

Natalie Shay – Yesterday

The hypnotic, sensual build up to the song plays havoc with your senses, then in her Gabrielle Aplin style voice she captivates your emotions, her higher sweet sounding ranges don’t sound like her own. I do feel she has broadcast some of her own style to the listener but hasn’t this popular Taylor Swiftesque, Gabrielle Aplin, […]

INEGO – Nobody

If you’re looking for an alien-sounded, disco pop song full of surprises, then I suggest you listen to “Nobody” by INEGO. I have to say I was very taken aback by the prepossessing vocals – from the sound of the introduction I was expecting an instrumental, sci-fi tune. With masks in the video, which remind […]

Toni Sansara

“You Don’t Own Me” begins with some haunting chords on piano. Immediately Toni’s voice touches your soul – powerful and insightful. It’s always very refreshing to listen to little-known female singers with incredible talent and prospects. The electric guitar comes in at the perfect part – building to the crescendo of the chorus as the […]