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Month: January 2019

Ben Howard @ Brixton Academy

It’s not often an artist can give you the sensation of an ever-increasing descent into the depths of the ocean, or being released from an airlock into the abyss of space. One could argue that Ben Howard feels a duty to produce this effect, with multi-layered ambience and dense textural instrumentation coupled with seamless transitioning […]

Delights are a delight…

This charming band from Manchester approached me, I can honestly tell you that clicking play on their song Jungle was one of the best things I did. They seem so laid back but so enthusiastic, I love, love, love their sound, heavy indie vibes, with a sense of a calming beach jam. This is a […]

The Rose Affair – Blush

The song has a very slow introduction, in which instruments echo and gradually build up louder and louder until they reach a breaking point where the drums then intercept. We are welcomed in with a lyrical pattern of slight rhyming couplets that continue with a soft yet powerful voice which instantly takes over, this slightly […]


Elastic Dinosaur comprise of lead singer and guitarist, Cory Foster, bass guitar player Ben Gardner and drummer Sam Tempest. That isn’t a Ringo Star type of deal either, Sam Tempest is the drummer’s real name. Good start boys. Originally from Accrington and the neighbouring villages of Hyndburn, Lancashire, this very heavy rock – metal rock influenced, […]

King Zero – Sonic

Even by my limited rock music knowledge, I can assure you that this band firmly have their feet in that genre. The introductory song of “Sonic”, named “Black Stoned Heart”, immediately encompasses me with an attention-grabbing collaboration of fuzzy guitars and erratic drums. As strange as it may sound, the closest thing I can describe […]