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Dirty Bare Feet Review @Ships and Giggles Preston-Saturday 18th feb

Ships and Giggles was packed last night. Dirty Bare Feet were awaiting their slot to get up and do what they do best. After hours of amazing support acts, from an acoustic set to Neon Cactus a band I’ve previously reviewed, the crowd were well and truly warmed up and stood in wait.

Dirty Bare Feet erupted on the stage with their first song that really showed the audience who they were and what they were about. The first song “Dirty Bare Feet” certainly got me moving.

Dirty Bare Feet are managed by Andy Mac and the band members are Lew. W (Rapper/singer ) , Tommy Robinson/ Tommy Techno (Trombone),  Jake Whiteside /mynameisjake (Drums) , Elliot Cowell (Guitar) and Liam Saul Whittle (Bass).

 Mik Connor provided all the photos featured below. 



They all astonished me when Lew started rapping, what began as a likeness to a Bob Marley song then became so lively and seemed so carefully planned out, I’ve never heard anybody rap with such meaning over reggae. The drummer, guitarist and bassist were all so talented.


The whole band were so together, and well organised they just all showed how much passion they all shared and brought it to the stage.


For a relatively small venue it was great because it was intimate with the audience, it meant the bands music was not swallowed up by background noise. I didn’t see a single head that didn’t want to be there, even people that may never have heard of the band were bopping along.

They did a shout out to a friend that had recently passed away and I thought that was beautiful touch to the set and they performed a song for them.

Then what they did next really took me by surprise, they just went off the songs and jammed. I’ve heard freestyles but not with a whole band. When every single person playing an instrument managed to play as one took me by surprise.  I’ve never heard anybody that can make up a song with a chorus on the spot and include the place they are performing in the lyrics.

“When I say ships, you say giggles” Lew.

They also included the audience in the songs and made the audience sing back.

Tommy was exceptional with his musical abilities, he can play a didgeridoo, trombone and a mouth organ / jaws harp.

Tommy techno came out when they played a song that switched in the middle to techno by using a mouth organ , an instrument you put in between your lips and ping it. If you use it wrong you can ping your teeth and trust me that hurts, I tried.

One of the highlights of the night was the Mexican wave the audience took part in. The front man said “there’s enough people here that I reckon if we start a Mexican wave now it will reach Southport tomorrow.” 

They finished off the night by singing Happy Birthday to an audience member and then by playing one of my favourite song Shipwrecked which you can find on Spotify.

They are next playing at Preston Guild Hall on the 9th of April.

I’ve never watched such enthusiastic , characters bring a venue to life. All the music last night at Ships was exceptional.

Click here for Dirty Bare Feet’s Facebook page

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